These 14 Images Of International Border Will Reveal Mind blowing Differences, #3 Is My Favourite

The circumstance of border exhibit about the bounding between two countries. Must look these interesting and shocking photos of international border between two nations. These photos will speak about the development and cultural difference, besides all some of the borders are too cool and amazing. With their actions they are spreading message of love and peace. Must Watch & Share.

1) USA and Mexico,  This view explaining a lot about their differences.


On the left you will see San Diego (USA) and on the right side is Tijuana(Mexico).


These border fences could not stop their passion for sport and love.


2) Germany & Czech Republic. Germans maintained very beautifully this greenery, but on the other hand Czech republic didn’t do anything.


3) Norway and Sweden, See how the man enjoying between the border.


An amazing snowing path, This path work as border between Norway and Sweden. WoW

sweden border

4) Haiti & Dominican Republic, well there is a a major difference, Dominican did a great work on greenery but it seems Haiti cleared all the area.


5) Sweden & Denmark, This bridge looks smooth and adorable.


6) Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. This tri-border is known as Triple Frontier.


7) Poland & Ukraine. This fish art was created by Land Art Festival in 2012.


8) Belgium, Germany and Netherlands. Tourists says it feels very amazing to be in three countries at a time.


9) This unique lotus bridge works as a border between China and Macau.


10) Slovakia, Austria & Hungry. This sitting are is quite interesting isn’t it?


11) Portugal & Spain. This 2,362 feet long zip line work as a line between these countries.

spain border

12) USA and Canada. The border of these two countries in one of the largest international border in the world.


13) Due to this Ariel view you can easily judge the level of development between Brazil and Bolivia


14) The Netherland and Belgium. This border line seems quite confusing and strange.



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