Sometimes people don’t need any reasons to breakup with someone so they start making small things a big issue which ultimately leads to end a relationship. Nowadays, relationships are moreover like a burden to the other person or maybe both of them. That’s why they find quick paths and more quick breakups. Relationships in earlier times are tend to more serious and meaningful than compared to now where either of them are serious and have any meaning in the relation. The more they get involved in each other the more they tend to start hating each other and have more arguments which ultimately led to breakups. But some people have this this shallow mind which comes up with this funny reasons to breakup with someone. Reasons like she doesn’t put her cereal before her milk. How someone can even thought of having a breakup with someone on this reason. Where her second toe finger is larger than the thumb of her toe.

16 Funny Reasons For Breaking the Relationship

People whenever find no good reason to call off a relation with someone they started funny reasons and see wrong in everything they either do for them or in general. They stop seeing any good things in them when if they do all the things to please them only. Now relations are merely any important to anyone all they do and want to have fun in their life and if someone tries to interfere in there fun doing things they want to finish all types of relations with them. Either they are personal or not. Relations have no value left nowadays.

There are many funny reasons which generally people use and take it as a disadvantage against the other person in order to end all kind of communication which only is the ultimate source of anyone getting knowing more each other in a relationship. Some shallow and very hilarious reasons like He wears socks with sandals and I couldn’t bear it so all the want is breakup. Like he wears jean shorts that is not liked by her partner so all she wants to call off the relationship with him. People think of the most hilarious and most shallow reasons where they can actually get over them because they are already too much into each other that they cannot handle each other at any point of circumstances so all they want is breakup with them. Have a look to 16 Funny Reasons For Breaking the Relationship and leave a comment.

Cold slaw


Mole issues


8th floor apartment


34 days relationship


Licking the mustard


Paul dano


She was f**king cooking monster


Fragrance of deodorant


Walked like T.Rex


Coffee sugar


Drunk G.F




She walked too slow


No substitute


Moon Landing






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