Some people are not too good to express themselves. They do have vast amount of emotions and feeling and they do know how and where to speak, but their words do not favor them and they are left behind by expressing themselves in low words. These kinds of people usually seek for expressive quotes that express them in very few words. Other than non-expressive people, the ordinary people also seek for powerful quotes. Quotations have much of the significance. It allows your written work to look more interesting. Writers usually look for lovely quotes. These 17 great Friendship quotes based on small phrase that carry meaningful message that touch your friend’s heart. It expresses your friendship more politely, but it do depend that how good your quotation are. Scroll down to 17 great friendship quotes.

1.A friend is someone
A friend is someone

2.A single friend…
A single friend…

3.Each friend represents a world
Each friend represents a world

4.Every Gift from a Friend
Every Gift from a Friend

5.Friendship is like Wifi
Friendship is like Wifi

6.If you’re alone I’ll-be your shadow
If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow

7.Our friendship has no end
Our friendship has no end

8.A true friend tells you what
A true friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear

9.Day Spent With Friends
Day Spent With Friends

10.Fake friends vs real friends
Fake friends vs real friends

11.Friends Are Like
Friends Are Like Four Leaved Clovers

12.Friendship is about
Friendship is about who came and never left your side

13.Good Friends Are…
Good Friends Are…

14.My best friends know
My best friends know

15.The Best Friend Contract
The Best Friend Contract

16.Friends Are Like Walls
Friends Are Like Walls

17.As We Go Through Life…


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