Death is natural. You come in this wonderful world and enjoy your life and incredible things according to your resources and limits, but one day you have to face death. If you study history of past people’s life, you will observe that life duration of past people is very large. Many people reached the age of one thousand years. Are you shocked to read this age? Maybe you are, but this is true and proves are available in history. It is not an incredible thing, it is the truth.

 Incredible Things Everyone Should Do Once in a Lifetime:

If we compare our life with past people then we shall realize our life is too short. Wishes are still too many, but time is not enough to fulfil all. I hear wishes of many people. Their wishes are very incredible, after hearing these incredible things I only say How? in the shocking mood. They answer me in an innocent way that we don’t know how to fulfil our wishes. I decide to write an article on their wishes and show their incredible wishes to the public. These 21 incredible things everyone should want to do once in his life. It is not a simple game. It is a game of life and death.

21 Incredible Things Everyone Should Do Once in a Lifetime:

1: I want to swing on river:


2: I want to visit island:

incredible 1

3: I want one night under sea:

incredible 2

4: I want all these pizzas at same time free:

incredible 3

5: I want one night in swimming suit in snow house:

incredible 4

6: I want to spend time in this water park:

incredible 5

7: I want to play basketball like this:

incredible 6

8: I want to ride beer train in the local pub:

incredible 7

9: I want to ride bicycle on water:

incredible 8

10: I want to play in this balls zone:

incredible 9

11: I want to surf big waves once in life:

horrible actions 1

12: I want to go to there to fulfill my wishes :

horrible actions 2

13: I want to slide from K-2 once:

horrible actions 3

14: I want to climb Yosemite El Capitan:

horrible actions 4

15: I want to pass through Sahara desert on camel:

horrible actions 5

16: I want to enjoy bath in blue holes:

horrible actions 6

17: I want to travel distance from Argentina to Alaska on bike:

horrible actions 7

18: I want to set new unbreakable kayak waterfall record:

horrible actions 8

19: I want to fly like birds:

horrible actions 9

20: I want to walk into active volcano:

horrible actions 10

21: I want to swim with angry big stark:

horrible actions



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