There is a big difference between hostel and house life. Hostel life with roommates is full of entertainment and fun as compared to house life. In hostel life, all friends live and go to university or college together. That is why, they are very close to each other and having an extra- ordinary understanding between them. Hostel life teaches you how to behavior and live in strange places. You also feel improvement in speaking power too. In hostel life, games with roommates make your mind and body strong.

On the other hand, house life gives you best environment for food and sleep. This life avoids you from many dangerous habits like smoking, wine etc. These are plus points of house life on hostel life or life with roommates.

Some lines about your roommates:

As we know, hostel life is the life of freedom. Neither you dad nor mother stands with the stick on your head. No one like your brothers, grandfather, grand mother, father and mother forces you to study. It becomes your separate life and you have full right to every moment of your life. Now, it up to you, either you want to enjoy your life in limits or not. Following are 23 images that your roommates can understand:

1. Roommate’s phone rings late at night:

roommates 1

2. While finding roommate:

roommates 2

3. Dirty washroom forever:

roommates 3

4. When he doesn’t give your favorite food:

roommates 4

5. Roommate’s phone rings late at night:

roommates 5

6. When he eats your breakfast and locks his own:

roommates 6

7. Use of toothbrush:

roommates 7

8. When you are very hungry, but he says,” Don’t touch my food”:

roommates 8

9. Lights on when you want to sleep:

roommates 9

10. When he fills room with strange people:


11. When he drinks all water and doesn’t want to refill it:

hostle 1

12. When he is noisy:

hostle 2

13. When he enters without permission:

hostle 3

14. When he doesn’t want to turn off lights:

hostle 4

15. When he wants conversation early in the morning:

hostle 5

16. When sadness is all around:

hostle 6

17. When he needs washroom at your time:

hostle 7

18. When there is huge sound of door shut:

hostle 8

19. During cleaning kitchen:

hostle 9

20. When you hate his loud sound:

hostle 10

21. When his alarm rings again and again:

hostle 11

22. When he bought 1ply toilet paper:


23. When he gets your food without permission:

hostle 13



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