Elementary school is first step of learning. We learn how to spend hard life with less efforts. All of use considered that elementary school life was boring when we were studying in it. We all realize importance of this life now when we are not at school. Everyone has a lot of feelings and memories with elementary school life. To get up early in the morning, take breakfast, reach school on time looked boring part of life, but now we realize that these parts are real fun and enjoyment of life.

 I am sharing one of my unforgettable memory with you. When I was in the school. My class teacher asked me Did you enjoy elementary school life? I replied very fast “No Mam! It is boring part of my life and I never want to see it again”. She didn’t ask me about reason and said “One day you will realize its importance”. Time moved very fastly and I passed out from elementary school life. But Believe me, I really miss school life from passing out day to till now. I still remember my Mam words. Let us throw some lights on loving actions we do during elementary school life like play with mud, jump into dirty water, break toys, watch cartoons, fly paper aeroplanes, throw water on one another, make noise etc. How much cute we are during elementary school life? Followings are 25 pictures that will take you back to elementary school life:

1. Feeling Like A Boss In Elementary School:

elementary school














2. Playing in Crazy Mood:

elementary school 1

3. Boring Maths:

elementary school 2

4. Stand Like It:

elementary school 3

5. Yummy Chocolate:

elementary school 4

6. Play With Glue: 

elementary school 5

7. Childhood Fear:

elementary school 6

8. Bus Seats For Sleep:

school life 20

9. ILL After Cold Drink:

school life 20

10. Sweet Smells Of Marks:

school life 19

11. Use Calculator:

school life 19

12. Turn Calculator Round To Make Fun:

school life 18

13. Suck Cold Juice:

school life 17

14. A box of Crayons to Make Books and Walls Dirty:

elementary school 13

15. Cartoon Time:

school life 15

16. Correct:

school life 13

17. Sleep Time During Class:

school life 12

18. Fun With Markers:

elementary school 18

19. Collect Coins:

school life 10

20. Hate Milk:

school life 9

21. Check Future With Fun:

school life 8

22. War With Own Styles:

school life 10

23. Tricks Box:

school life 6

24. Yummy Ice-Cream:

school life

25. Lunch Box:

school life 1



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