Do you lose your keys every now and then? It happens with me all the time and when I stumbled upon these creative key holder ideas, I found a solution to this problem. It is good to have solutions to your problems where you don’t have to invest a lot or you can solve it on your own. Well, this is something very exciting and creative. People always lose keys when they come home and they place them some where they don’t remember later on. So, why not manage things up? Why not have a place for all your keys where you can find them easily. This is where key holder comes and these creative key holder ideas are actually going to add more beauty in your home decoration.

If you are creative enough then you should try to make some key holders on your own and then share the ideas with the world. Creativity is always appreciated by everyone and when you are solving the problem that almost every person of this world suffers with? You can win their hearts with just little efforts. Let us take a look at these awesome and creative key holder ideas and fix them on the wall of your living room so you don’t have to worry about the keys anymore.

Beautiful bird house key holders.

Bird house

Amazing Climber key hangers

Climber key hangers

Geometric Key holder ideas

Creative Key holders ideas

That’s cool. Magnet key holder.

Magnet Key holder

Impressive Lego Key Holder designs. Sure these will add beauty in your home. 

Lego key holder ideas

Stunning magnetic cloud for keys. Wonderful idea. 

Magnetic cloud

That is your and this is mine. You want to separate out things from your sister? Here is the way to separate your keys. 

Gender separator key holder

One of the best creative key holder ideas.

Impressive key holder designs

How about a mini garage for your keys?

Mini Garage for keys

Mini Garage for keys

Octopus.. Beautiful idea for key holder.

Octopus key holder design

This is something special. Buckle up your keys.

Buckle up key holder


DIY cute ideas for key holders.

Cute key holder designs

Another magnetic 8-bit key holder.

8-Bit Magnet key holder design

Now, who want this switch at home?

Light switch plus key holder

That is amazing. Magnetic man key holders.

Magnetic man key holder designs

Unplug your key and when you come back, don’t forget to plug it in. 

Plugin and unplug key rings

Cute bird house for a key holder.

Sparrow nest key holder

Lock up your keys.

Amazing Key homes

Here it is. VW lovers? This is for you. 

Vox Wagon key holder designs

Creative Lego Key holders.

Lego key holder designs


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