Find Out 8 Amazing Facts About Hickeys

Hickeys aka LOVE BITES which are the most desirable thing in intercourse. This exhibit the desperation of your love mate during sex. Well we are here with amazing facts regarding hickeys. Don’t forget to share and comment.

1) Apparently hickey will be visible for almost 1 to 3 weeks on your skin.

2) Hickey is  just an injury, when your love mate gave you this romantic love bites with utmost pressure on skin then it cause blood vessel to break which came in a shape of mark.


3) Well you can’t cant clear this bite easily, but with the help of ice cube it may reduce the swell.


4) Some hardcore hickeys can leave permanent wound? Well its scary.


5) With the passage of time hickey will be healed automatically.


6) If you don’t have love bite, you can simply make it with the help of make up. so that you can show the desperation of your partner. (well this one is hot)

romantic hickeys

7) And if you don’t want to show this to anyone you can simply hide it with scarf and high neck sweaters.



8) Isn’t it sexy?


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