Are you a freelance designer? Or work in a firm with your colleagues besides you? Either way, you know how some clients can be difficult to work with and sometimes they really get mad at you for being not accurate according to their requirements. And sometimes designers brag about their qualities and skills just to impress the clients and make their way to get hands on the project. They lie about their client tell and pressurize other clients with their fake accomplishments.

What are the lies designers tell their clients? Have you ever tried such a thing? I bet you did try it. People around us make ways to get a bigger hand. Most of the people does succeed in doing so because if you do sound professional in your approach then for sure you will get the attention of your client. Well, we have collected some hilarious and funny lies designers tell their clients all the time and you are going to laugh so hard that your jaw will drop off.

Lies Designers Tell Their Clients:

What they say? Client is always right.

Hilarious lies designer tells their clients

Every designer does that.

Designer lies

In my dreams. 

Hilarious lies of a graphic designer

Buying designer’s bullsh*t.

Funny designer lies

That is so true. Every freelancer do this.

Designer lies to their clients all the time

Yeah! You are no special in fact.

Most lies that freelance designers tell their clients

Who use a fax machine?

Graphic designer lies to clients

Putting burden back to the client’s shoulder. 

Lies designer tell their clients

Yeah! we need money. 

How to lie to your client?

No site is good enough for designers. 

Unbelievable lies that designer tell their clients

Please leave me alone for the weekend at least.

Lies designer tell their clients

Right on the time of dinner.

Designer's lies

Never on time.

How designers get their clients

Yeah, like you were that busy.

Lies designer tell their clients

Isn’t it enough? I have a client in Canada.

How to make money as a designer?

Sometimes it happens.

Lies designer tell their clients

Voice of every freelancer’s heart.

How Designers lie about their skills

Something just happened but it looks good isn’t it?

Hilarious designer lies

Yeah it was a lot easier. 

Lies designer tell their clients

My old stolen projects.

Hilarious designer lies



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