Angela Clayton is one of the best and creative talented fashion designer from Long Island, New York. Angela started this amazing work when she was only 15 years old. She visited cosplay and decided she wont be part of any event she will bring her idea into life. This Talented girl  further added that her single costume project took up to 250 hours. She inspired everyone withe her super amazing talent. Must Watch & Share this amazing talent of Angela Clayton.

Angela Clayton added “”I love making costumes, and I love bringing ideas to life. If I could do that for fashion, especially for theater or film, that would be awesome…I would rather go straight into that if I can instead of spending four years at the school.”

snow white

Costume 1: Snow White, she was participating in a play, she didn’t have enough sources to buy that why se decided to made these stunning dresses by herself.


Costume 2: Elsa, she made her 1st dress although it wasn’t perfect but at least she did.

frozen dress

Costume 3: With the passage of time she start taking interest in it and sewed several incredible costumes and gowns.


Costume 4: She focused on original and historical designs. WOW

amazing talent

Costume 5: Its so beautiful. Once she said“If you practice, you can definitely do it. It might take you a while.”


Costume 6 & 7: No doubt she’s born talented girl. Splendid


Costume 8: She truly loves to make beautiful gowns.


Costume 9: Angela is super talented girl with splendid creativity. You can also learn this with the help of this inspiration.


What an amazing and creative talented girl she is. WOW




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