Must Read How Driver Find Out The Girl Who Lost Her Camera, He searcher Her On Facebook!

Emily Demello and her friends went on a holiday where she dropped her camera when a powerful wave hit her. She felt very bad that she lost her precious moments. After one year a canadian driver Ruben Urquiza found her camera and he searched her on facebook  with the help of flight ticket’s image.

Camera was a gift by Emily’s father, she really liked this cam (Emily with her friends)

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She went to vacations at Varadero, Cuba with her best friends, Hailey Olson & Madisen Singer in Jan 2012. While taking picture a powerful wave hit them.


Heavy wave hit Emily her camera slipped from her hands, She and her friends searched a lot on beach but failed.


After one year, she received a message on Facebook from person called Ruben about images.

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He told her that he found her camera, Camera is not in good shape but memory card is still working and there are about 100 photos in it,


She was very happy when she found that her precious moments are still save.


Such an unbelievable story but quite amazing.


She accepted his friend request and got all her images back. wow

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Life is so amazing.




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