These 10 Weird Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Now a days every boy has a girl friend. We know that they love their gfs a lot and we respect that beautiful love. But somethings you boys should know about your girlfriends which can easily offend them. You should not say these 10 weird things to your girlfriends. Such things can turn your day into bad one. Its a fact. Must Watch & Share .

1) Do not drink boose without me

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2) Lets Go and meet my mother so that we can discuss our wedding

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3) Baby i think you should start workout because you are getting FAT.

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4) Why the hell you come late?


5) Talking about your Ex.


6) Honey I’m at work.


7) Lets go at my parents for dinner


8) Showing off your self every time.


9) I want a baby just after one year of our marriage.


10) Investigating about her past experience regarding sex.




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