Wedding industry is the largest industry in America and people love to spend a lot of money in weddings as they are only one time events of life. So, photographers should be ready all the time and come up with some creative and unique wedding photography ideas to impress the wedding couples and other people on the wedding. There are numerous ideas that photographers have tried. You can always come up with your own ideas which should leave a “wow” Impact on your potential clients.

You should know that when you are at the wedding, you have more than 70% chances to get hired for another wedding. As people always want a strong reference before hiring a professional in wedding industry. Opinion does matter. Well, enough with the chit chat, let us move to the unique wedding photography ideas.

Unique Wedding Photography Ideas:

Soot the Bouquet toss from behind. 

Bouquet toss from behind

You can shoot the bouquet toss from below to get the excellent shot. 

Unique wedding photography ideas

Gather the bridesmaids and ask take a shot of tossing shoes. 

Shoe toss from bridesmaids

Excellent idea for a shoot in a movie theater. 

Movie theater theme

Horror zombie attack theme. 

Zombie wedding theme

Post apocalyptic wedding theme. 

Unique wedding photography ideas

Reflections always make a best shot.

creative wedding photography ideas

Use clouds and sky. 

Unique wedding photography ideas

Wedding photography library theme.

Awesome Wedding photography

Shoot the preparation. It is always creative.

Preparation of the wedding by bridesmaids

Use mirrors in the preparation. 

Creative wedding photography ideas

God Father wedding theme. 

God Father wedding theme

Super heroes wedding theme. 

Geeky wedding photography ideas

If you are going to edit the photographs then make it fun. 

Unique wedding photography ideas

Come up with creative and unique wedding photography ideas. just like this. 

Exceptional wedding photography ideas

Take editing to the next level. 

Creative wedding photography ideas

How about shooting in a bar?

Crazy wedding photography ideas

Halloween wedding photography theme. Costumes are always better. 

Creative halloween wedding photography ideas



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